Need app to combine any two products on my store

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Hey everyone,


First post here. I sell ~25 different pendants on my store and want the ability to create a "Make a Set" product listing where customers can select any 2 pendants to create a discounted set. I've been browsing the forum and looking into some bundle apps but most I've found have just had me create a bundle set with specific items, but I don't want that. I want the customer to have the freedom to make their own set. It would be far too many bundles if I were to separate them all into every combo possible.


Adding on to this, I offer 3 different chain types to pair with the pendants, so I would need the option to be able to select any type of chain to complete the set. 


Finally, we use a fulfillment company so inventory tracking capabilities are a must. 


Does anyone know an app that can do this? Or will I need to have it custom coded? I really don't want to do that ha, so any help is appreciated. 









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Hi @infmus ,


Unfortunately there's no bundle app with that capability available in the market. I also had the same issue before and i have no choice but to create custom bundle.




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App Selly has a flexible bundle that customers can click on an item to view more options:



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Hi @infmus 


You might want to check out ZeBundler :

I believe it will allow you to match the pendants and the chains just the way you want it. Several of my clients use it for purposes very similar to yours.

Good luck with that !