Need help with digital products!

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I run a company that sells leads to B2B clients.


It works like this:


  1. Someone comes to us and says they want to buy a coffee machine for their office. This happens outside the Shopify store.
  2. We take down their information and put together a report detailing their requirements.
  3. We then send that information to four companies that can produce a quote for that machine.
  4. We invoice those companies later for the lead.

I'm trying to make this work in Shopify, as every lead is essentially a digital product.


The best solution I've found so far is to

  1. Use the app Digital Downloads make a new product for each lead as it comes in and attach the pdf report to that product.
  2. Create a manual order to sell that product to the four companies we're selling the lead to. I need to place the order four times to send it to the four companies.
  3. That will generate an email alert to those companies, where they can then click the link to download the lead.

This seems pretty inefficient and silly.


There must be a better way. Can anyone help?

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Hey! It sounds like you're describing some sort of workflow tool. Could we chat further?