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Can anyone help me with this or suggest an app that integrates with Printful for personalizing? I am new to websites and am just trying to get started by watching videos over the last 3 weeks, basically here is a discussion between my self and Prinful.....



I would like to offer personalizing of products to customers via my fulfillment supplier who would be PRINTFUL.
Printful does offer a personalized button option to shop owners when we are uploading our products, however it's extremely limited, so I have asked them how can I offer my clients a more flexible option, meaning letting the customer have the ability to fully customize any garment or product on my store.
Here is the email from printful office to me:
Hey there,

Thank you for reaching out. I understand you would like to offer product customization for your Shopify customers. You are able to offer customization to customers via an API integration. You can find more information about API in our API docs here. We do offer the ability to generate mockups through the API using the API mockup generator more information can be found here. To generate mockups, first you need to decide on which products you want them. API methods on retrieving products and variants can be found in the Printful Catalog API.

You can also visit --> Integrations --> Printful API--> API documentation. The part of our API you should reference is Orders API > Create a new order > Request body > Items > Files. The product ids and files are specified through the order process directly with the API. This allows us to understand which product is being ordered and which print file to use for printing. The print file is sent via the request as a URL link to where you are storing the image.

You may need to hire a developer to help build an API integration. You can use Fiverr to find freelancers who specialize in a specific role, or Upwork to post the job description that needs to be completed.

Please send reply to

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2581 136 471

Can anyone help me with this or suggest an app that integrates with Printful there are plenty of results for off the shelf situations you'll have to research and contact each that's seem like a fit.

Your description does not give enough any qualifying info for others to tell what it is you need.


The email from printful indicates you have a custom problem and need a custom app, you can seek developers in the job board or in the directory.



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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply.


Here is what I need. I would like to offer a service to my potential customers, an option to personalize without restrictions(except print area) any of the products that are supplied by Printful and listed on my site, which would include all the variants as well.


The personalized product should be able to be fulfilled and shipped by Printful to the customer, not by site owner manually having to upload their customization, but by the app/integration automatically processing the fulfillment.


I believe full automation would prove more successful rather than going the manual route. I have looked at a couple apps but have found none that integrates with Printful leaving you then to constantly monitor orders, screen artwork and probably going back and forth with customers over guidelines for image uploads etc. and a longer wait period for the customer.


I suppose, sometimes there will be cases such as supporting customers that may have issues with an image such as the correct resolution for proper reproduction,  however I will provide a written guideline with relevant information and a support contact page.


I hope this makes it more clear as to what I am looking to have done, in a nutshell it's a personalize tool that has no restrictions on size or location of the image/images or text, color etc. except for the total print area guidelines, which would have to be visible on the product to the customer.


Sorry, as stated I am a total novice and have just tried to build a site withing last 3 weeks"still at ground zero" so am just searching for suggestions.

Best Regards


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just search and you will get lots of freelancers in your required field.