Need to send email to customers who ordered a specific item

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I would like to send out a email to all customers who ordered a specific item (there's a delay in production and would like to let them know about it). I would rather not manually go through each order and send out an email.

Is there an app that can do that?

I see a lot of apps that offer marketing emails. But I just want to filter the email based on the item they ordered.

Thanks for any suggestions

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Hi mauphie, we have a generic Shopify automation app that's not published but we could likely get this setup for you and just charge a small hosting fee. Shoot us an email and we can send you instructions.

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Hi mauphie,

Our Customer Tagger app has a backdating facility (it is a paid add-on) that will allow you to run rules against historical orders in your Shopify store. You can backdate all historical orders, or just orders for a specific date range.

All you would need to do is set-up a rule within Customer Tagger to tag Customers that have purchased a specific product or variant. Once the backdate has completed, you can then filter customers in your Shopify Admin view by that tag.

We don't have any emailing sending capability within the app, but you could export your filtered customer list from Shopify into your preferred email sending platform.

I hope that helps.


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