Negative inventory(oberlo)

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Oberlo removed inventory to negative
I imported this product from AliExpress with oberlo(url)
Why the inventory is negative?
How I can see the supplier inventory?
(I Changed the inventory to create urgency)

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Hi @Lionsjewel1! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


Were you able to find an answer for this? I sure hope so as it's been a while since you last posted this.


I believe it showed as negative as the supplier might have run out of stock of the item you added to your store, and I think you should have been notified of this or at least given an answer as to why. In any case, if you're interested in a dropshipping app besides Oberlo that easily shows you and updates you on the status of products that you add to your online store, then Spocket might be something that you'd want to consider checking out.


Members are given access to the catalog, and upon search of an item and proceeding to clicking on it, information about it is made available to you - in this context, the inventory count can be viewed.




You'd also be sent an email if a product from a supplier runs out of stock or if a supplier has been removed from the platform. Transparency is important to us at Spocket!


Given this, if you're interested in this feature of the platform and are curious to find out more, you can check us out by visiting Spocket's website! Please don't hesitate to respond to this as well should you have questions about the app. Hope you get the opportunity to explore the platform and the many features it can offer to make your dropshipping experience easier!