[New] App: Quick Draft Orders - Turn Abandoned Checkouts into Draft Orders with 1 Click

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Hey merchants!


I am excited to have officially launched Quick Draft Orders on the app store. I had originally built this app for private use, but since it was so popular and effective with my private merchants I wanted to open it up to the rest of the community. 


What does Quick Draft Orders do?

It's a very simple app that allows you to turn an abandoned checkout into a draft order in seconds. We've added a button to the abandoned checkout page which allows you to copy that abandoned checkout order into a draft order with 1 click. 


Our merchants have saved 1000s of hours by not having to manually transfer data from abandoned checkout -> draft order, often while having the customers on the phone.


Some use cases:

  • Wholesaling large orders
  • Merchants calling to follow-up on abandoned carts
  • Discounting abandoned checkouts for customers
  • Your creative use case
  • Much more

I will be upfront and say that this app is not for everyone as it caters to a merchant that uses Abandoned Checkouts heavily within their business. There is a 7-day Free Trial, if you think this app would be good for you, I'd love to get your feedback!


Check it out here!




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