[New] App: SimpleSync - easy inventory syncing between products

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Hi Merchants!

My app SimpleSync has been published to the App Store today.

It's an app that I've built out of personal need. For one of my own shops I needed to be able to sync the inventory of multiple products. It works super simple, just give the products or variants you want to keep in sync the same SKU. Within a minute or two after a sale the amount of sold items gets deducted of the other products with the same SKU.

So when is this useful? I thought of two use cases:

#1 We use it for a two products that are physically the same product.

#2 You can also use it to focus your productpage on two separate target audiences. If you are selling a unisex product to men and women it would be a lot better to make two product pages, onefocussed on selling to men and one for selling to women. 

Oh and it's FREE! :)

Check it out and let me know what you think!



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I love the idea that this app presents. I sell items that I assemble/create on demand and limit the number by how much fabric I have. I offer options in size and color and to sync the default shopify inventory number by sku sounded like the best thing ever.


This app is WAY TOO SLOW!!!


Today I my store processed 117 orders in less than one hour and I oversold EVERYTHING. I was expecting, especially for a paid app, that it would do what it advertised and be able to keep up. 117 orders is hardly internet breaking traffic....

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@TwistedMonkeyBo As an alternative, you can check out Trunk. It can sync inventory in real-time, syncs inventory with those that share the same SKU, and also handles bundling/kitting. We have a few stores that use Trunk and run large daily sales that don't have any overselling issues.




Please let me know if you have any questions, I'm the founder and developer

⚡Sync inventory + bundles/kitting in real-time between Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Faire, Squarespace, Square with Trunk @ trunkinventory.com
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@TwistedMonkeyBo Just noticed this message. Very strange, there are stores using SimpleSync that have thousands of orders an hour and SimpleSync can keep up without any issues so something else must have been going on. If you're still looking for a solution, just send me an email through the app store.