[New App] WhatsApp + SMS Notification

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Hey Community 

Did you ever think to send an order, shipment, delivery, etc notifications on Customer's WhatsApp Number?

Technology is changing and Ecommerce Experience too.


Here we came up with the Shopify app with it you can send below Notifications to your Customer's number.


  1. Order Confirmation = When Customer places an order
  2. Shipment Confirmation = When you generate the shipment
  3. Shipment Out for delivery = When Shipment is out for delivery
  4. Shipment delivered = When Shipment is delivered
  5. Order Refund = When Admin Refunds to Customer
  6. Abandoned Cart = When Customer Leaves the Shop without Purchase
  7. Review Request = Ask For Product Review to Customer

Sounds Cool? Check out https://apps.shopify.com/whastapp-order-sms-notification-by-magecomp

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WhatsApp + SMS Notification