New App in time for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019 - Movo

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Hello Shopify Community,


We are proud to announce that our latest app is now available in the App Store in time for BFCM 2019. This is a crucial week for shoppers globally so our new app, Movo, aims to simplify some of the pressures.


What is Movo?


Movo is a Shopify app which allows merchants to showcase their store's discount codes, offers and promotions in an easy way using a cool frontend widget.



Why Movo?


If shoppers can easily see your available promotions, it saves them leaving your site and having to hunt. Secondly, if they see a promotion they otherwise wouldn't have been aware of, they may be enticed and purchase. This increases shopper engagement and improves conversions. Thirdly, it is unobtrusive. If you have 15 store promotions on, you would essentially need 15 popups in your store to raise awareness. This would be extremely annoying to customers and would have low to no impact. By placing all your store promotions in a handy widget, it makes it easy and fun.


How do I get Movo?


Just head over to the Shopify App Store, you can grab it here. Its free to install and you get one offer to test it out. Once happy, you can upgrade to the Pro version for a low fee and unlock unlimited offers. What's great is that the increase in sales and engagement that movo can bring to your store results in the app paying for itself.


If you have any questions, just let me know!


Dan @ LaunchTip

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