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I was playing with one of my Apps, currently Shopify is sending bad data to Apps, via Embedded Links, so I got some time to fiddle. I am seeing the header now split into two rows. The first row is the breadcrumb, and a badly formatted text string to the right showing my company name, with ellipses dots ...

The second row has my buttons. This layout looks stupid to me. Not only do I not want my company name in the App like that, but with the dots it is worse. And the use of screen real-estate like that is wasteful... 

It is not being involved in experiments that are in my opinion failures. You can sketch out what you think we may like, and ask us if we would like that, but by actively experimenting on us you make us look bad, and you have no consequences. That is unfair. 

But I guess it is in the Partner Guide and we should suck it up... right. So uncool. I for one hate being made to look bad by a Shopify experiment gone bad.

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