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Facebook Chat & Cart Recovery | Recart & Octane Alternative

Hey there!

I am Mayur and I build conversational interfaces at BotSpace. We are a small design team of 3  and working out of Bangalore. At BotSpace we help small business owners automate customer support. As our first channel, we have released Messenger integration with Shopify. 

The idea is to help businesses automate their entire customer support on Facebook Messenger. It helps recover abandoned carts and increases the conversion rate for your stores. By default, we have designed all the flows for order tracking, abandoned cart and shopping right on Messenger

We have released our beta version and I guess it looks really nice, and I would like to know what you guys think about it, what can be done better if there is anything that is missing or anything that would be good to add.

The app comes with a 2 weeks trial and is Free for Developer and Shopify Partners to install and test. 

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Have a nice day! 

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