New Upsell App - Part 2

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Heys guys!

Shawn here from RAID, I’ve got some updates on our RAID Upsell Funnels App: We’re finishing up on the analytics portion of the app so it helps you see how your upsells are functioning, so you can make adjustments to optimize your funnels.

We all know the time it takes to create an offer you want to give to your customers, and sometimes the amount of effort is just way too much. Hence the reason why we thought our templates would be something useful, is so you can quickly deploy the ideas you have in mind, without taking too much time to figure out how to make upsells look nice.

The idea of funnels isn’t new, it’s just that building one takes time, and we want to smoothen that process for you, here are some examples of the app:

If you're keen on trying it out and helping us with feedback do let me know! You could DM me or if you need more information, you can email me at