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Dear community friends,


I just wanted to inform you about the launch of a new app. The goal of our app is to help you grow the user account numbers over time by sending bulk account invitates automatically.


At the same time:


  • You will have access to data analytics and charts to compare how the amount of customers with accounts grow over time and also what part of the revenue those customers represent to the store. This is helpful when deciding to create promotions for customers with accounts or i.e. offer customers a discount when doing an account. Also it help you to decide if it makes sense to invest time or ressources on building better account pages.
  • We do provide you also with the option to export customer data in different formats: CSV, Facebook, Klaviyo and mailchimp. This help to create segmentations and improve marketing performance based on existing customer profiles.
  • On the settings part, we will allow you to select the number of days after which the invitation has to go out, the amount of days to send a reminder in case the user hasn't created the account yet, blacklist some spam domains, GDPR capabilities to limit the sending for users that accept marketing, custom templates...

The name of the app is Sender - Auto Account Invite and it is available in the App store with a 5-day free trial version:


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