New app release - Lookbook Cloud for Shopify - interactive slider with multiple clickable hotspots per slide

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Hi all

today we were delighted with great new from Shopify team: our app Lookbook Cloud for Shopify was officially released in Shopify app store. Thanks Aisha for fast review process and valuable advises.

We designed Lookbook Cloud app for fashion/apparel and homewares retailes: industries where it is especially important to showcase the products in close to real environment: clothes - on models, furniture and interior elements in showrooms, we believe that it provides much better level of engagement with customers than plain product image.

Lookbook Cloud for Shopify

With Lookbook Cloud app you can create interactive sliders with multiple hotspots per slide and easily publish them to your Shopify store and other media (similar way you publish say Youtube video). You can check product demo at

We have free and paid (starting from $9.95 per month) plans, paid plans have 30 days trial, so you are welcome to give Lookbook Cloud a test drive and continue to use it once you make sure that it helps your business.

For more information you are welcome to visit our website or post your questions here