New app to increase conversion rate and reduce bounce rate

Hey there,

I am Shopify developer for couple years already, I work on themes, app integrations, speed analysis, etc. I was always interested in app development, so some time ago I decided to create my own.

With the clients from time to time we had request to create some good-looking loading animation for the site, and it was always tricky and was taking some time.

The idea itself is really good. It helps reduce bounce reate, and increase conversion rate for stores by entertaining customers with eye-candy animation while everything is loading in the background. For conversion rates and bounce rates It can be as effective as reducing page loading time. Plus, it makes store looks pro  

I thought hey, this can be an interesting project, let's see what I can do with it.

So I started not knowing back-end at all, but after few months of hard work first version was available. After couple weeks I got my brother to help me make the app look better, and I started to ask for some feedback. We fixed couple bugs, make it look different, and then another couple weeks later I got my girlfriend who is UX designer to take a look, and we come up with version 3.0 of design.

I guess it looks really nice now, and I would like to know what you guys think about it, what can be done better, what is missing, if there is anything that is not intuitive, or anything that would be good to add.

The app is called Preloader (it's got 2 weeks free trial, and is free for dev stores, so feel free to test, you can remove any time you want). I would really appreciate your thoughts on it,

Here is the link, let me know what you think,



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Hey @TwoColors ,


We think this is really cool and thanks for making a developer friendly app.




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