New business model adaptation

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I have a new business model I'd like to implement on Shopify but don't know how to achieve this, even after spending hours on the app store.

I basically want to sell a service in the following manner:

Offer hours/credits/tokens to be exchanged for the service (can be booked on a calendar)

There will be bundles available (for example a 20hour package paid in advance will give you 10% discount) with an expiration time (for example 30 days to use the bundle/package before it expires)

Customers have their own account where they can see the status of their current hours/credits/token and expiration dates

Every time an hour/credit/token is used, the customer's account is affected (can be done manually) to show the number of units consumed.

I have seen some calendar-booking apps that synchronize with google. I have also seen some nice invoicing template apps. I have seen membership apps but I cannot find one that matches the model I am looking for.


Can anyone help?




I think the best long-term solution for the features you are looking for is to create a Private Shopify app to which I can add a booking feature and any future functionality you may require in the future. If would like to schedule a call to learn more feel free to email me at and we can set one within 24- 48 hours