Non-existent fulfillment orders

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I am new to shopify API and having some issues getting fulfillments via the "/fulfillment_orders/{fulfillment_order_id}/fulfillments.json" ( ) endpoint. I get all the "order_id"s from the "/orders.json?status=any" endpoint, which I then use to get a list of fulfillments orders via the "/admin/api/2020-10/orders/{order_id}/fulfillment_orders.json" ( ) endpoint. I then take each of the "fulfillment_order_id"s returned from the call above to hit the "/fulfillment_orders/{fulfillment_order_id}/fulfillments.json", but I get a 404/"Not Found" error. So I am confused as to why I can't get fulfillments via fulfillment_order_ids that I retrieved from the shopify API.