Oberlo - Do I mark the products as physical items in Shopify?

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Hello everyone!

I'm super new to dropshipping and just had a quick question about Importing products with Oberlo! I know how to import the product to the store, however when I go to the products menu in Shopify, should I tick the box that says this is a physical product and asks for the weight of the item? (Something along the lines of not getting the shipping address for the customer) Are shipping addresses automatically collected by Oberlo regardless of whether I check the box or not? Or am I accidentally charging the customer for shipping if I check this box? (I offer free shipping in my store!)

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @bellumac,


Dani here from Shopify. Thanks for writing in!


That's a great question and I can definitely see why this may be confusing. For all Oberlo products, you'll want to make sure that you are marking them as a physical product. You're correct in that if the order is entirely made of digital products, the checkout will skip the shipping address and shipping rates section. This means that each Oberlo order would need to be manually placed.


Additionally, if this box is unchecked, the system will think this is a digital product and will consider the order as fulfilled automatically. This will break the chain of events that are needed for the order to proceed using the Oberlo Chrome Extension. To learn more about the process of ordering products from Oberlo take a look at our help doc here.


Customers will be charged the rates that you've set up in your shipping settings. Since you've set it up for your customers to receive free shipping, this is the option they'll see at checkout and be charged. I love seeing merchants offer free shipping when dropshipping, as a customer this is a great incentive to purchase. If you plan to ship most of your products with ePacket the cost of shipping is typically free to a few dollars. I often see merchants build this cost into their product prices so that they can offer free shipping without losing any profit.


Have you taken a look at our free Dropshipping 101 course? This course is great for learning all the tips and tricks to have a successful dropshipping store. I'd love to hear how your experience has been so far. Have you found any resources that have been particularly helpful? This may help other community members that are just starting out.


Please let me know if you have any further questions! I'd be happy to continue helping you.


All the best,



Dani | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @bellumac! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


I think Dani answered your question perfectly so I think there isn't a need to expound on it further. For my response, I'd actually like to make a suggestion.


As you stated, you're currently using Oberlo. Is it your only option for your store? Have you had the chance to check Spocket out? It's just like Oberlo - it's a dropshipping app but is better in terms of the items you can choose from and shipping times. Most of the suppliers on the platform come from the EU and the US and so products are of quality and shipping times are quite faster than Oberlo - items on Spocket can ship in as fast as 3-5 days depending on your store set-up. As well, Spocket has an easy-to-use automated order fulfillment process.




You can learn more about the app by visiting Spocket's official website. All the best and I hope you get to fix the issue you have!