Oberlo alternatives and dropshipping apps

Hi Dropshippers,


We are proud to announce that crov dropshipping app has been launched successfully on shopify app store.

Whether you’re an established dropshipper or just starting out, CROV Dropshipping gives you the products and tools you need.

By adding the app into your store, it will help start or scale up your dropshipping business with more ease.

With this app, you will be able to:

  • Dropship from ever-increasing vetted suppliers. We have our suppliers number updated weekly. We always visit the suppliers on the spot to make sure that we are partnering with quality suppliers before enrolling them into our supply chain.
  • Joining shopify store is no easy task, which from some extent shows that our app is qualified to be a good choice of doing dropshipping business through shopify.
  • Dropship at a competitive price. Competition is fierce. Crov offers wholesale pricing for all products so that you can stand out in the dropshipping market.
  • Dropship with a faster shipping speed. By partnering with reliable third-party logistics companies and a US-based warehousing facility, shipping is quick and secure with customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

For more please visit our app listing

To your success: https://dropshipping.crov.com
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I'm starting a shopify store and I am using CROV as my dropshipper. I just want to confirm once the customer placed their order, CROV will be notified "automatically" and will ship the product. I no longer have to place the order on CROV website manually. Is that right?