Oberlo : block/ filter supplier

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I am dropshipping with Oberlo/Shopify and now I have noticed that I pay for ePacket but my supplier ships with regular/slow/no tracking mail . How could I remove all his products from my store and block him / hide him from further searches ?

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Hi @Carolay_CO! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


Were you able to find a resolution for this? It's been quite a while since you posted your inquiry.


In any case, I'm not sure how removing products with Oberlo so do let me know how you fixed it if you were able to. And given the case with the supplier you had for your dropshipping store, wouldn't you rather have suppliers that are reliable when it comes to shipping? Besides completely eliminating the hassle of having to remove their products because you were unsatisfied, you have the opportunity to build your online store's reputation. Apps like Spocket make this possible for you! Because most of our suppliers come from mainly the US and the EU, besides the quality of the products, you're also assured of fast and efficient shipping policies. Items on Spocket generally ship within 3-5 days, depending on your business' set-up.




So if this is something you might want your store to have, feel free to check Spocket out by hopping over to the official website! There you'll get to learn about the many features that Spocket can offer you to improve your store's operations.