Oberlo is showing wrong product price

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Hey there!


I've got very annoying problem with oberlo when I'm importing products to my shopify store. I'll upload the pictures to better understanding. 



As you can see the product on aliexpress cost 9.31-9.44 depends of the "ships from" location but when I import the product to oberlo, it shows the product price at 19.77 which is forcing me to put way higher price in my shopify store to have any profit. Some products are in the same price but most of them oberlo shows at double price, sometimes even triple. I don't know what to do because in this case as I can't have products on that high prices. I've sent a message to oberlo but unfortunately there is no answer during last 24 hours, so I want to try here as this problem, the product prices deleys my shopify opening.


Thank you very much for any help!

Have a good day! 

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Hi, did you manage to solve this ?

I have the same issue and it looks like it on a lot of products, not juste one, the price are higher in Oberlo than in AliExpress shops

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Yes, it is happening the same to me, please someone from Shopify or Oberlo can you please explain why aren't you showing the same prices we show in AliExpress? for me, a product which is $22,00 in Aliexpress is showing as it would be $33,00 it is unbelievable... Please we ask for support on this as soon as possible!

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Hey there,

is there a solution now? I got the same problem - would be nice to hear what the Oberlo Support replied to you.

Or anyone else with a solution?