Odd redirect in latest version of Chrome

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Is anyone running into odd issues with certain apps (I believe they are apps running @Shopify/App-bridge)  in the latest version of Chrome (78.0.3904.70 (Official Build) (64-bit))?  This includes the Google and Facebook marketing apps.


When I try to run the apps embedded in Shopify, it redirects a number of times back and forth and then eventually fails to load the app.  I've spoken with @katiedavis about this extensively and she said to post on the forums.


I've now tried this on both a Mac and Chromebook with the same result.  

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Having the same issues. Can't get into embedded apps in Chrome, however Safari works just fine. 


And just for clarification, even our own in-house apps that use the older EASDK (not App Bridge) do this. Can access in Safari but not in Chrome.