Offer free shipping and percentage off in one unique code

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I've read on many discussions that the native discount app doesn't work to offer customers two discounts in one. Until Shopify offers that, is there an app other store owners are using to do this? 


Specifics I need:

  • Unique code for every customer (that we can print on an insert card)
  • Allow a customer free shipping and a price discount to specific products on my store
  • Only allow the customer to use the discount once

Thanks in advance!

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You may achieve your goal using Shopify scripts, for that you need to install "Script Editor" app in your store.
Here is the trick, create a discount code with all of your restrictions but add a prefix in the discount code, for example, "MIX"; now in shipping script, if a cart has a discount code that starts with "MIX" set a shipping option FREE. By doing so a customer will get both product discounts and free shipping.

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