One time charge but multiple options

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I am working on an app and want to add ONE TIME charge on app but here one time charge is based on product count.

Ex: up to 1000 $X charge, up to 3000 product $Y charge.


When i go for publishing app in Shopify partner account, i see only one option is there to add one time charge!


Do i only go with first charge and rest are display on APP's pricing page?

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This is an accepted solution.

Hi @Sid 


Do i only go with first charge and rest are display on APP's pricing page? This is the right approach! go for it . Can you explain something about your app?

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Hello Perennial,


I would like charge one time only for a store. But main thing is it is based on Product count.

Like if A store has less then 1000 products than i would charge ex: $10, if products count between 1000 to 3000 than i would charge ex: $20


In Shopify app listing form i see only one step for adding one time charge app, not like recurring charge has.


Though i have added pricing page as well and mention rest charges on additional charge input as well.


Thank you :)

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Hello @Sid


You can try out below approach:

Add a minimum one-time charge for your APP in the app listing. and create usage charge under the recurring charge created based on the number of products.

Example: if you are charging $10 for less than 1000 products. Specify your app reoccurring charge as $10 in the app lisiting. if the store has less than 1000 products do not create usage charge else create the usage charge for the additional amount if the store has more than 1000 products at the time of app installation.


Hope this was helpful.
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