Open box Returns that can't be sold as new

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So this is basically a plug for my first and only app that solved a problem we have had.

Returns that can't be sold as new.  Be it damaged box, or any sort of damage / use and then returned.


I think it's brilliant, but I'm biased.  It does work though and we've got quite a few starting to use it with success.

No recurring monthly charges, as I hate that... only pay as you use it when you need it.


Takes less then 1 minute to post.  Seriously easy.

Duplicates your product.

Post images of the condition or damage with a rating and descriptions.

It DRIP's in price by % daily until it sells.  You set the %, customer sees it. It never goes to $0 because it's a % of the day before price.


Just sharing, hope this helps.  

We didn't have a brick and mortar store front to put these for sale.  

eBay was a pain and expensive.

we get a bunch of amazon return abuse and we simply can't sell them as new.


This is quick and easy and it really does work.  


Leave comments or questions.

Thanks, love shopify because it's simple.  And the app is simple too along those lines.