Optimizing multiple routes in Shopify Local Delivery App

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I am setting up my Shopify store.  I have a local delivery-only business.   I want to use the Shopify Local Delivery app. Each week we have between 15 and 50 orders. If it's 15 orders, then I use one driver, but if there are more than that, I add drivers.  Is there a way for the app to create multiple routes from all my orders?  I know I can manually assign 15 orders to one route and 15 to another, but I'd rather tell the app I have 2 drivers and 30 orders and have the app optimize the routes for the two drivers.  As far as I can tell, that isn't possible, but maybe I'm missing something. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Hi rich47,

Our local delivery route planning app EasyRoutes does this! It turns your Shopify orders into optimized delivery routes you can share with a driver or deliver yourself.

You can select all the orders you wish to route, decide how many routes you would like to create from that batch, and click a button to generate them all at once.

Our app was a Shopify Staff Pick and is very well reviewed (5-stars!), well supported, and we offer free trials for business of all sizes.

You can learn more at https://easyroutes.app

I hope this helps!

EasyRoutes (https://easyroutes) - Turn your Shopify orders into local delivery routes you can share with a driver or deliver yourself.

Supertime (https://getsupertime.com) - Let your customers pick a date and time for delivery or pick-up on your store cart page.