Order Printer App and Line Item Properties

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Hi, is there any way to access line item properties in the Order Printer app? I need to be able to access these properties in order for my invoice template to function. At the moment it looks as if Order Printer can't access this data.

(Background: We use line item properties to assign items into groups, which represent the contents of custom goodie bags. The customer can order multiple custom goodie bags, each one filled with a different selection of items)

Link to store: http://buildabagpartyfavours.ca

Screenshot of cart for clarification:

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I thought I had the same problem, but I was making a mistake in the code. The solution to display line item properties in the Order Printer App is this:

Replace line_item default code with the following:

{% for line_item in line_items %}
        <td>{{ line_item.quantity }} x</td>
        <td>{{ line_item.title }}{% for property in line_item.properties %}<p>{{ property.first }}: <em>{{ property.last }}</em><p>{% endfor %}</td>
        <td>{{ line_item.price | money }}</td>
{% endfor %}

Hope this helps!