Order Printer Variants Not Displaying

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Hello. I am trying to get the variant options displayed on the Order Printer template but not having much luck. I have tried all the variables found here Shopify cheat sheet but none seem to be working. The only one that displays anything is when I use the code below but this only prints out "VariantDrop" on the order form. 



{{ line_item.variant }}



This is how the orders look currently without any variant info and only the following code to display the item:


{{ line_item.name }}




Here's what displays with any 'line_item.variant' variable:



Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @UltimateTattoo 


Are you using the Order Printer by Shopify?
Are the Line items you want to display being added from an app?

I use an app called Custom Product Options by W3 to customize products, the app saves the options as line items.

They suggest adding the following to the Order Printer to show the line items under the {{line_item.title}}

{% assign property_size = line_item.properties | size %}

        {% if property_size > 0 %}


        {% for p in line_item.properties %}

        {% if p.first contains "_options" %}

        {% continue %}

        {% endif %}

        {% unless p.last == blank %}

        <small>{{ p.first }}:</small>

        {% if p.last contains '/uploads/' %}

        <a target="_blank" href="{{ p.last }}"><small>Link</small></a>

        {% else %}

        <small>{{ p.last }}</small>

        {% endif %}


        {% endunless %}

        {% endfor %}


        {% endif %}


Hey there,


When you use just the "line_item.variant" liquid, then you are accessing the full variant object and not one of the fields. To show the variant title, the following code will work:


{{ line_item.variant.title }}


Hope it helps :)





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