Order deleted in Shopify makes it impossible to unarchive order in DSers

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It is not possible to unarchive an order that no longer exists on Shopify
I'm not able to unarchive an order because it tells me it should be unarchived in Shopify.
But, that order was manually deleted in Shopify. Consequently, the following message appears:

"The order has been archived on Shopify. If you need to modify it, please go to Shopify to operate."

If there is no order in Shopify, how do I delete this order in DSers?
This is important to me because it gives me false information in the order quantity and Shopify sales reports
See the screenshots attached
What we need... Only the value of #1002 order. In fact I need some kind of "set" (or reset) to set correct sales value.

Thank you in advance