Overwhelmed with app selections

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Hi Community!

I'm new, I have a tiny business, and I am transitioning from Etsy Pattern; I'm tired of paying them a listing fee, plus a percent of each sale, plus subscription fees, etc.

Wanted more freedom but... now I am overwhelmed with app choices. I am also reluctant to spend a lot of $ at this point, although if my sales scale up, I don't want to step over dollars to get to pennies.

My shop will be mainly online, some POS. Using free theme Supply, which has an ajax cart.

I have many small items in many variants, have installed Infinite Product Options, which took a couple of days of back and forth with their support but now seems to be working as long as I don't enable dynamic checkout.

Thinking that staying within the same family of apps would be good, I also installed Volume & Tiered Discounts. It doesn't seem to be working properly and I haven't heard back from them for 24 hours and I feel stuck and frustrated.

I have a lot to do and have been dealing with 3rd party app support for 4 days. Is this normal?

All I want to do is have a shop with many variants where people get a discount if they buy 10 or more of an identical product. I want to sell all over the world, integrate with Quickbooks, customers pay actual shipping costs, have a customer newsletter, and maybe look towards having a loyalty program in the future. I'd like to sell on FB and IG too, although I'm not entirely clear if these apps will work with that.

Why is this so complicated? lol. I've scoured the app store and all the apps sound great, but few of them say what they DON'T do. Are my expectations too high?

Any authentic app recommendations of entry-level but scalable apps that would work would be super appreciated by this overwhelmed newbie. TIA!




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