Paying by invoice

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I am trying to develop a module for Shopify (and Active Merchant?) to enable support for paying by invoice. As it is today it seems like all the payment gateways in Active Merchant only offer support for paying by creditcard and not by invoice.

I have tried to develop and add support for SveaWebPay's webservice ( in Active Merchant. This webservice offers the functionality to pay by invoice. But paying by invoice creates the need for getting a different input from the user, such as personal identification number (instead of creditcard number) - for checking payment credibility.

Because of this I would also need to create the webform to collect data for the purchase and therefore might need to create a module in Shopify.

What would be the best approach to complete this kind of integration? How would I create this kind of module in Shopify? Should I use Active Merchant as the gateway (even though it is better suited to creditcard payments) or should i write my own gateway-integration directly in the Shopify module?

Regards / Jonathan