Placeholder text showing before form appears | Shopify or App Issue?

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Hey there, I am currently finding a new app to use for forms on our various websites. I am currently testing out "Power Contact Form Builder" by Globo, though I have run into a small issue.

When I load a page, I'm about to see the backend shortcode for the form that is being loaded for a moment.

I wasn't sure if there was a way to fix this and if it was something on the Shopify end or the Append of things.

Then after about a second or so, the form appears. Below you can see the text that appears and what the page looks like once the form has loaded.

If you guys have any suggestions on what could cause this, I'd love to know more.


form loaded.jpg


Alternatively, we'd be open to other form app suggestions as well. I need a form app that can sync with either Zapier or with my CRM and send notification emails. I also prefer one that allows me to customize the javascript, CSS, and HTML of the form if possible, but not a terrible takeaway if not.

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This is normal behavior. This app adds JavsScript code to your store which replaces shortcode into HTML form. File with JS code needs to be loaded, parsed, and executed (on each page load) and this took some time. During this time shortcode is visible.

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Probably not the best solution, its rather a workaround but you could check if you can change the font color of the shortcode. I don't know how the shortcode is inserted but if you can use HTML or rich editing and can select the shortcode, do so and set the font color to white.

<div style="color:white">{shortcode:XXXX}</div>


I see 2 issues you could face:

1. You probably can't manipulate such shortcode that way, I mean no way to apply a change like this.

2. The form doesn't specify a font color and you end up with a form with no visible text (ideally the form should set its font color)


I would probably first contact the app developer and see if they have some suggestion.