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Hello all!

My name is Rich and I'm reaching out from Bean Bastard Coffee, Ltd.  We are a roaster, mobile cafe, and soon to be brick and mortar cafe in Buffalo, NY.  We would like to setup Shopify POS to do all the things we want it to do so we don't have to switch.

What we are trying to do is while we are using the POS app, be able to print drink stickers for our cups that would include name of customer, name of drink, iced/hot, milk type, sweeter, syrup, etc.  If that same customer orders food we should be able to send a "food ticket" to the line printer for the people to prepare that aspect of their order.  In the end settle with the customer and then send them either a text or email receipt, and then move onto the next customer.

We are having a hard time finding a solution to cover all of this within the shopify network.  An suggestions, insight, people that do the same type of process? We would rather not switch to another platform since we use shopify for online sales as well and would love to keep it as one.

Thanks for reading and please let me know!