Polaris with other styles

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I would like to use Polaris CSS to develop the look of the application, but I saw hundreds of implementation rules, which left me in doubt for the possibility of customizing and implementing my own styles together.


When using Polaris CSS, can I customize the application with my own styles? (illustrations, menus, pages) without being just the components offered?


Example: Can I use only the Polaris buttons, instead of making the entire application?


The hundreds of information regarding colors, typography, icons, etc: https://polaris.shopify.com/design/colors - are they just ways to improve the user experience or do they need to be implemented to app be approved?


Thank you.


This is an accepted solution.

Yes, you can just use certain components like Button etc, and customize the rest of the app with your own components.


For Polaris components, they offer various degrees of customization through props. 


Regarding https://polaris.shopify.com/design/colors, no you don't need to implement all of them. It is just a guide.