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I am looking for a pop-up app that allows me to give a discount code in exchange for the visitor's email.

I tried a lot of apps but it seems that none of these support multilanguage websites.

I need to display different pop-up, one for English visitors and one for Italians.

Can you help me please?

I've tried privy but in order to target users by country I need the 79$/month plan which is too expensive for now.


Thanks a lot

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Hi Giupeppo,

Our tool, WisePops, allows you to target visitors according to their browser language.This targeting option is available in our $49/Mo plan.

We also provide a geo-targeting option. But as for Privy, it's included in Premium plans.


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Hi Giupeppo,


Have you considered translating the entire store? I suggest trying Langshop app for this. It will add multilanguage features to your site depending on your needs and will let you translate the popup added by your application.