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I've been searching the Shopify apps store, Google and YourTube for an App or a tutorial to add the code to my Shopify store files. Without any success, so I'm hoping maybe someone here knows where to point me without having to get a developer to do it. 

Objective - is to enter only the postcodes I'm restricting (150 lines). Not the postcodes I allow, as there are way too many (14,000 lines)

I can see all the apps created for Postcode Restrictions, which are all great. They use wildcard * etc, but to go through the huge amount of lines to setup will take some time. No one from what I can tell has made it so you enter only the restricted postcodes so then anything else entered works. 

SO I was hoping there is an app or if someone knows an IF statement (if an IF statement could be used in this situation) then I can easily follow the tutorial. 

any help or advice will be appreciated 

Thanks in advance


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Hey, @Pandaboom 

I think the app you want to look into is called Shipping Restriction-ZIP Code. They offer the ability to add postcodes that you service and/or postcodes that you don't service. Additionally, they state the following: "If you need to restrict shipping only to particular postal codes put those in the first field (A). If you service ALL ZIP codes, except for some subset of codes - add those to the second field (B) and leave A blank in that case." So you should be able to just add the ~150 postal codes that you don't service and that's it!

They offer a 10-day free trial and then the app starts at $1.99/month. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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