Pre Order Inventory Management

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We are a manufacturer looking to allow Pre Orders, we're in a market where every supplier just shows "out of stock" and customers have to continually visit the web site in hope you get lucky and there's stock, if there is they better be quick and press the buy button or the product sells out !!

We want to allow Pre Orders and open up our manufacturing schedule to facilitate this, so at a simple level be able to say 400 of Product X are available for delivery in October, 600 in November etc the numbers can be manually updated but as we take orders for Product X we want to show on the product page shipping in October until that inventory runs out and then show shipping in November with the orders being tagged the same so we know we need to ship order xxx in October as that's when the order was booked for.

Aside from that we need the "normal" pre sale functionality, want to have thumbnails with a pre sale badge and on check out link to pre sale terms and conditions not the regular sale conditions.

All the pre sale apps we've reviewed take a similar approach to pre selling, we're looking for one with that little bit extra - all suggestions welcome ?

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Sounds like you might be able to achieve what you are looking for with a bit of a custom app that allows you to:

  • Enter the number available per month
  • When the number runs out, switch to the next month
  • Maybe even do some cool things like generating a report per month that allows you to easily see how many to generate.

All achievable through the API with a custom app - happy to talk you through that in a bit further detail, feel free flick me an email if you like.