PreSale Question: Customer database and Discounts

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Hello I've got two questions that I hope you can answer before purchase: 1) Is is possible to authenticate Shopify customers against a different database than Shopify's own database. 2) It is possible to give certain customers a discount on certain products (the discount would vary according to the individual product). Thanks, Soeren
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Hi Soeren,

1) The approach Shopify takes is to not require customers to create memberships or accounts in the process of trying to buy something as we feel that during a typical consumer transaction it tends to decrease the chances that you’ll make the sale.

However, we’ve heard enough requests for something like this for shops that primarily deal with inter-business (wholesale) transactions where an authentication process is necessary. This feature is in the pipeline but isn’t currently available.

2) Discount codes are available through Shopify, but their discount percentage or flat-rate applies to the entire order, so it is not possible to create product-specific discounts.

Let us know if you have any other questions by contacting our sales folks at

Hope to see you around!

Edward Ocampo-Gooding – Shopify Developer Advocate