Preorder and Quick Add functions

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We are having issues trying to find the right combination of apps, or an app that offers the following -


Preorders - Currently using this for several months -


Quick Add to cart

Installed this one but open to others -


Theme -


We want both buttons to display on collection pages, depending on if its preorder or available now.

I have reached out to both app developers which point to the other.


Amai said the preorder app won’t work in our theme on collection pages because there is no ATC button on collection pages on the theme.

I went back to the theme developer and they said:

“It is honestly surprising top hear that the app needs a Collection Page Add to Cart function to function correctly, especially as this requirement is not listed on their Shopify App Store - we have passed that information to our Shopify contacts so they can make sure the correct people are aware of this.”

When the apps are activated you can see the preorder button skip into appearance and then disappear but the add to cart does not appear at all.

This can’t be so complicated, and we are willing to hire a 3rd party for custom coding but I thought we’d ask on the community boards to see if anyone else has this functionality working. It’s been extremely time consuming  going back and forth between the 2 app developers and the theme developer.

Thanks for any insight or options you have for us to look at!