Price change in new batch of inventory

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How do I manage price changes for items with price changes?

Example: I have a product currently listed on my site at Rs. 100. I have 5 of these left in inventory and need to order more from the supplier. The new batch from the supplier has a price increase and now needs to be sold at Rs. 110. How do I manage the pricing on my store so that the existing inventory of 5 is sold at Rs 100 and automatically switches the price to new price of Rs.110 when the stock from the new batch is being used? The issue I am running into is that, since MRP (maximum retail price) is printed on most products in India, I cannot sell the products from the earlier batch at the new price of Rs. 110. If we don't change the price when the new stock is being consumed, I run risk of losing money on the order. Is there a feature or app, that can keep track of the difference in pricing by batch of inventory and automatically switch prices based on the batch of stock being utilized?