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I am currently looking for an app that can produce gift card codes as we require them. Currently, if a customer orders a gift card, this is part of a physical gift pack that we post to the customer, so we print the code and expiry details onto a voucher to add to the gift pack. 

The app we are currently using allows us to view the voucher code, which is an advantage over Shopify's inbuilt gift card system. But we are unable to amend expiry timeframes, we can't create codes manually, and the product on the front end is difficult to amend to how we need it to be.

Does anyone have any suggestions of an app that be be suited to us?

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Hi @EllieHOH 

I'd recommend you use the Shopkeeper Easy Gift Card app. It has some features I think it's suitable for you:

  • Make gift cards personal with a personal note and their signature
  • Provide stunning, animated gift cards
  • Allow people to see the gift card in multiple devices or print it out
  • Send gift cards only by filling a simple form
  • Require no transaction fees or other hidden fees

To see the details and other gift card apps, you can see at this link

I hope it's useful for you.


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Hi @EllieHOH, I'm Neomi from team.

Using Rise you can create bulk or manually gift card codes you can use as a physical gift card or a digital one. In addition, you can change the amount and expiration date on every gift card in the app dashboard. With Rise gift cards your customer can send the gift directly to the recipient and schedule it for the perfect time.

check out our listing page and feel free to contact me at


@EllieHOH per your ask for a system that can create bulk cards avoiding the time suck of making them manually.    This app is likely a great fit for a low price point.  It doesn't require any special API and only needs a Shopify Plan that has Giftcard creation enabled.   You can try out a free demo here. 

I hope this helps you out with your store. 

Warmest regards, 


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