Printful One Way Sync Issue?

Brand new here, one of my fellow artists just moved to Shopify and had nothing but great things to say so I figured I’d give it a go. I use Printful for most of my dropshipping sales and I gotta admit I’m a little stumped...

Went to add sales channel, located printful, clicked add... it keeps telling me the page I’m looking for isn’t there... okay so I go to printful and think maybe I gotta do it from that side. Turns out it did connect, I see my Shopify store listed. Yay! I copy a few products over so I can play with things. Go back to Shopify... it’s not listed in the sales channels? I can find my products but they’re not connected to anything... I would really hate to manually do my orders. Any suggestions about how I might fix this?

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Curious about this too. I’ve loved Printful in combination with my previous e-commerce solutions and would like to know how to get it moving to here and how well it works !