Printful Out of Stock but not in my store

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at first, sorry for my bad english.

I create my first shopify store and i have a problem with the printful app/out of stock sync.

So many products are ,,Out of stock'' in printful, but you can buy this out of stocks products in my store, its not automatically sold out


I dont know what the problem is, but my store dont know is it available or not..


After many mails with printful, they say ''you can activated the ,,Track quantity''.. Yes, then its sold out, but only because shopify thinks its my own warehouse and I have to enter the inventory myself.

After this is not working, printful say thats wrong, track quarantity should not be check marked.


I re-synced all products but it still doesnt work..

The ,,automatic stock update'' is check marked in the printful dashboard


Thanks for help







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Or is there no full integration that if a t-shirt is sold out at Printful and then it is automatically sold out in my store?




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