Printify request PNG versions of vector files resulting in print quality loss

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I'm using Printify to print my designs on white coffee mugs. The designs I've made are created in Adobe Illustrator and so are vector files. So why is a 'professional' print middle man like Printify insisting that I convert these vector files into PNG (photographic) files for them to print. Any professional designer will know that this will only result in a loss of image quality. Every mug I've ordered has come back blurred despite me saving the PNGs at 300 dpi. Whenever I've worked for a professional print company we always insist that the client supplies vector files if the artwork produced is a graphic so that we can assure the client of crystal clear print results.


I'm now so fed up with the appalling quality of the products that Printify produce that I want to use another App that supports the upload of vector files. Can anyone point me in the direction of a company that does?