Prize Giveaway App / Sweepstake

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Hi, I am looking for an app that allows my customers to be entered into a sweepstake for purchasing a product.


How I would like it to work:

1. The customer buys the product.

2. The customer is entered into comp and receives a unique raffle number via email.

3. The sweepstake is drawn on a certain date selected.

4. Email sent out to customers notifying them of the winner.


Does anyone know of an app that can deliver this? Thank you in advance.

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That is such a cool idea. I don't think anyone has tried to used Shopify in such a format previously. Do you only have 1 product? Or multiple ones? Where are these raffle numbers generated from? Would you like the app do it it, or manually?

It can definitely be done, I don't think it has before.