Problem with product variants

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my problem:

i installed app with product variants - but i did not like it and i uninstall .


but now i can see the variants in my smartphone. (but app is delet!!!)

and if i sit on pc descop, there are no product variants (only in my smartphone)


app is 100% uninstall.

I can not remember the name of app.


what should i do?


thank you

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Hello Guderian,

Are you seeing these on your site or in the Shopify admin? In any case, you can delete the variants from your store’s Shopify admin.

  1. Log in, go to Products
  2. For each product, look for the checkbox at the top of the variant list and click or tap it to select it.
  3. This will select all of the variants for that product.
  4. In the actions menu, choose “delete variants”. 

I’m sure you could do this with a “bulk edit” app, but that will likely take you longer to look for, install, and figure out than just doing the above steps.

I hope that helps.


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