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Does anyone know if there is an app that allows you to bundle products to offer at a discount that also allows you to customize the product. Example: On product page you can include a text field for personalized engraving and on the product page to display another product to bundle at a discount. 


Does this exist?

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Hey Kevin,


It sounds like you are asking for two things. 


1) Custom fields entered by customer (ie engraving)
2) Bundling products together for a discount

You not not need 1 app to solve both problems. Regardless, I'm an experienced app developer looking for a new project to undertake. Shoot me an email over and I'd be down to discuss this in depth with you.





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Hi Kevin,

You can try Simile | Smart Bundles app for free. It can generate bundle and also allow you to customize it.

Please let me know if it meet your requirement.


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Hi Kevin

I find this list of product bundle apps for Shopify on Avada. Hope it helps!

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Hi, we have been using this app to do something similar. It works well(no major bug) and the customer service has been helpful. Hope it helps!