Product Bundles (using existing SKUs)

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Hi there,

I'm looking for a product bundle app that allows me to add existing products to a "bundle" that creates it's own product page. Most of the existing bundle apps I've seen only offer pop-ups or hacks that aren't what I'm looking for.

Below is a good example from a beauty brand of what I'm looking for:


Once a customer purchases this bundle I need the order to be automatically edited and updated with the direct product SKUs so that my 3PL warehouse can successfully fulfill the items purchased.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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@OBDev ,

You may want to consider doing a custom bundle solution through code customization. Do reach out in case of interest to

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App Selly can help you to create a bundle set:

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I don't know of an app that allows you to choose variants in the bundle the way you are describing (e.g. select size, color, etc on the bundled products).

Usually when we do this kind of thing custom for clients, we use a product tag that brings in collections items onto the product page, and adds them all to cart when the add-to-cart button is clicked. Question is, are you going to represent this on the Cart page and at Checkout as a single product, but fulfill them as separate Shopify products? This would make it a little more complicated, though possible (mostly). Through line item properties and some magic, you could hide the bundled-products on cart, and also hide them at checkout if your store is on the plus plan (access to checkout.liquid).

Hope this helps, or at least rules things out. Cheers.

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@OBDev @ImmersiveEC,


The PickyStory app was designed to allow you to bundle products and enable shoppers to pick different variants of the same product. You can create a manual or automated bundle and choose between product bundles and look bundles. It's added automatically to your store and it's pretty easy to customize it. This app can definitely address your needs.

Hope this helps!