Product Bundles

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Hi Shopify Community!! First of all, my website is and it is basically a pet supplies store. Anyways I am looking for an app or any solution that will allow me to show case bundles on the product page and allowing the customers to mix and match within the specified products until it hits the required quantity. Please see the attached images that i briefly edited to represent how i want it to look like. Basically I want to be able to allow customer to purchase canned food in cartons (e.g 12 cans/carton) at a discounted rate, and at the same time allowing them to choose the different flavours in any quantity they want as long as it hits the required amount (in this case its 12). And I want this to be done on any of the involved products' page, to allow for easy selection instead of going back and forth to the different flavours product page and choosing quantity. Sorry its a bit long winded but i cant seem to explain this in a shorter form.