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Hi everyone,


I'm looking to build something a bit like this -


Basically I want to create a product that's only on sale for a limited amount of time, and when the countdown timer hits zero the product becomes unavailable to buy.


So essentially I'd have products visible on the website in 3 stages


1. Coming Soon - no add to basket button

2. Live with countdown timer and add to basket button

3. Expired with no add to basket button


Any thoughts/app recommendations would be great.



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Consider Countdown feature of app Discount Master.  It shows a timer in each product page and countdown to the end. You set up a campaign in that duration to boost sales.



Hi Jack. That is a very interesting concept. I have some ideas that could help you.


If you're planning on using Shopify starting now, see the answer below. If you're looking for another platform to host your Coming Soon page and in the meantime, you work in the background on the website, I've used many time (preview below). preview

For the Coming Soon page, you can use this app. For the next two, you can any urgency/scarcity tool you see fit.

Being part of VITALS' team I suggest using all-in-one suite aimed at boosting sales by increasing conversion rate (preview below).


VITALS previewVITALS preview

I hope that helps and best of luck with your project!

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